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Welcome to W2W ministry!

Woman 2 Woman is an inspirational community on Gordon Winslow's site devoted to christian women from a woman herself, Connie Winslow.  Once a month, Connie, post an insight that provides spiritual support, faith growth, biblical perspectives, and thoughts from God. 

Thank you for joining this journey of spiritual growth and empowering women in their relationship with God. Connie Winslow looks forward to connecting with you through this unique ministry. 




Connie S. Winslow

Connie Sue Winslow, the wife of Gordon Winslow, was born in West Monroe, Louisiana on December 7, 1953. 

In 1996, Connie, graduated with her Bachelor Degree in Education from California State University of Fresno. She has served as an elementary teacher in Louisiana, California and Mississippi.

Connie has a special ministry to reach women through teaching Gods word and sharing her insightful stories. Through out the year, she speaks at women conferences and special events. She has been in leadership ministry for 43 years. Many of those years, serving as a pastors wife, where she has developed her personal ministry - encouraging women and inspiring them to grow a closer relationship with God.