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The Jewish prayer shawl is a fringed garment traditionally worn on the Sabbath, holiday services and during prayer. With the word shawl rooting back to the meaning of a robe or cloak, this garment is considered to be sacred.  They are used to prepare the heart and mind for prayer and inspire elation and reverence for God.

Anyone who sows a "PRAYER SHAWL" offering into my ministry will receive a prayer shawl in the mail that has been personally blessed and anointed.

May this prayer shawl be a shelter for times of overwhelming grief, a safe haven in times of sorrow, a shield from times of unimaginable loss. Let it empower you with a mantle of protection, strength, and healing.



How to sow a "PRAYER SHAWL" offering into my ministry:

1. Donate $100.00 through the below, safe and secure, Paypal online giving tab.

2. State on Paypal 'Description' that you are giving as a "PRAYER SHAWL" offering and leave a mailing address. *Your address will ONLY be used to mail your PRAYER SHAWL.  


God Bless,

Gordon Winslow


If you have any questions about online giving, please send us your questions through our Contact Page.